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 Let the facts guide us, not the politics


Truth in Numbers is a 501(c )(3) nonprofit organization founded upon the idea that the first step in finding solutions is to cut through the political rhetoric and start identifying and analyzing unrefuted data.  Only then, once we see the data with an unbiased eye, can we start to identify reality-based solutions that will have the intended impact- to improve the lives of families in New Jersey and across the country.


Areas of Research

Taxes & Finances


Workforce Development


Economic Development



State Budget



Economic Outlooks


Talk Points

Case Studies

Position Papers


TYPES of Research

  • Economic analysis of effects of public policies on different industries and across household demographic categories;
  • Contribution/impact of specific industries and populations to the macroeconomy;
  • Deep-dive analysis of particular industry issues to further these goals.
  • Budget analysis of federal and state legislative proposals;
  • Strategic services to improve the economic analysis of legislative proposals and communicate that information to relevant Congressional and Executive branch staffs;
  • Improvement to the legislative process by bringing the right industry and client-specific information to members and staff of Congress, and to state-level policymaker

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